Tightening up of regulations


There is constant review of all medical practices by regulatory bodies and this includes cosmetics procedures. Not so long ago, injections with botox and fillers could be carried out by anybody who went on a course to learn to do so. This lead to lots of “botched” jobs due to lack of knowledge of facial anatomy and what to do in the event that something went wrong such as the patient having a reaction to a product used. I am pleased to say that this lead to tightening up of regulations so that only qualified doctors, dentists or nurses could carry out these cosmetic procedures.

Unfortunately even with these new guidelines in place to prevent “rogue” injectors, poor practice does sometimes still occur. This is often due to clients feeling cajoled into having a treatment carried out as there is a discount offer “for a limited time only” and the likes.

New guidelines have now come in to state that offers such as these are no longer allowed. Clients should be allowed time to fully consider the procedure they are entering into and do so freely without feeling pressured by time constraints posed by discounted rates being available.

All clients who contact myself are offered a free no obligation consultation. They are given the opportunity to ask any questions they may have face to face with me and given the time they need to fully weigh up their decision without feeling pressured. I always carry my certificates with me whenever I am carrying out any procedures and clients can ask to see these to know they are in safe hands with a Doctor who has all the relevant qualifications required.

I am pleased that new regulations are being brought into action. Hopefully this will lead to less unethical procedures and “blotched” jobs being carried out and overall happier clients.