Coronavirus Policy

The introduction of the following policy will apply to all clients and practitioners for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. Our coronavirus policy will commence on Monday 29th June 2020. Clients and practitioners will be notified when these policies are no longer in place. This will be done via our website and direct communications upon booking, or in person.

The Purpose Of Our Coronavirus Policy

We recognise our responsibility to our practitioners and to members of the public who attend our clinics for aesthetic procedures. Our policy outlines a number of measures we are taking for the duration of the pandemic to mitigate risk as much as possible for both practitioners and clients. We will make available all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and implement the below policies so our teams feel safe and our customers feel confident to use our service.

Risk Assessment

A full risk assessment has been conducted, which takes in to account the complete customer journey from booking in with us to exiting the clinic room following a procedure. Our policies have been guided based on our understanding of the disease and we have sought out best practice within the industry. We are implementing our coronavirus policy in good faith to mitigate risk, however, we make no claims as to the effectiveness of these policies.

Client Policy


  • All bookings will be made online or via telephone
  • Treatment windows will be extended by 5 minutes to allow for the introduction of new protocols.
  • Clients will be contacted prior to attending their appointment to complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire. This aims to identify clients who may be infected with Coronavirus or at risk of spreading it. You can find a copy of the health screening here.
  • Clients presenting NO risk will be invited to attend their appointment.
  • Clients presenting ANY risk will be re-scheduled for a minimum of 7 days and the health screening will be repeated.

Prior to treatment

  • Clients will be informed to expect some additional measures during their procedure for their safety. We would politely ask all clients to respect these policies. Failure to do so will result in treatment being withheld.
  • Clients will be asked to contact their practitioner via phone or text when they arrive outside the clinic. This is to reduce the number of clients waiting within a confined space. Your practitioner will contact you when they are ready for you to present for your procedure.
  • Clients will be asked to come alone to their appointment and to only bring essential items, leaving bags and coats in the car were possible.

Treatment room

  • Prior to all clients entering the clinic room, practitioners will clean contact points using virucidal wipes to reduce any cross contamination from previous clients or users of the room.
  • Upon entering the clinic room, hand sanitiser will be provided for clients to use prior to engaging with the practitioner.
  • A surgical mask will be provided for each client to wear. Clients will also be asked to put this on before engaging with the practitioner.
  • Non essential items and objects will be removed from all waiting areas. For example, magazines and refreshments. This is to reduce contact point and cross contamination.


  • Clients will be asked to sign our ‘Coronavirus Declaration’, which will be added to the consent form for their procedure.
  • All electronic devices used to complete consent forms will be wiped down using virucidal wipes by the practitioner.


  • Clients will be asked to wear their surgical mask throughout the procedure and dispose of this in the bin provided using a non-touch technique.
  • Clients will be asked to keep contact points to a minimum, for example, touching objects such as door frames, handles and tables.
  • Procedures which require the mouth and nose to be exposed to our practitioners will be discontinued until further notice.


  • Prior to treatment, clients can choose to pay via BACS. This option will be provided and appropriate bank details supplied by our admin team.
  • Underlining Beauty will operate a no cash policy for the duration of the pandemic.
  • Devices used to make payment will be cleaned using virucidal wipes after each use.


  • Clients will be asked to collect their own aftercare advice document as they leave the clinic.
  • Clients will be asked to removed their mask and place it in the bin provided using a non-touch technique.
  • Clients will be asked to make Underlining Beauty aware if they have tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of attending the clinic. This enables us to contact trace and take appropriate action.